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  • DML 2009 Towards a Digital Mathematics Library
  • Petr Sojka (ed.)

  • EAN/ISBN: 9788021047815
  • Väzba: lepená väzba - paperback
  • povrch. úprava: lamino
  • formát: B5
  • počet strán: 150
  • Rok vydání: 2009
  • Vydání: 1.
  • Jazyk: angličtina

  • Brno: na objednávku (do 14 dní)
  • Ostrava: na objednávku (do 14 dní)
  • Liberec: na objednávku (do 14 dní)

DML 2009 Towards a Digital Mathematics Library
11,91 € vč. DPH

Mathematicians dream of a digital archive containing all peer-reviewed mathematical
literature ever published, properly linked and validated/verified. The objectives of
DML workshop were to formulate the strategy and goals of a global mathematical digital library and to summarize the current successes and failures of ongoing technologies and related projects, asking such questions as: “Is there a model of sustainable, interoperable, and extensible mathematical library that mathematicians
can use in their everyday work?”.

The 12 contributions trying to tackle these tasks and answer similar questions
are divided into five parts in this book:

1. Towards Digital Mathematics Library,
2. Towards Mathematical OCR and Search,
3. Digitization Reports,
4. Digitization Technologies and Platforms and
5. Tools and Techniques.

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  • Tribun EU s.r.o.
  • Cejl 892/32
  • 602 00 Brno
  • IČ: 27662101, DIČ: CZ2766210
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