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About us is the biggest book producer in Czech and Slovak Republic specialized  in digital production of books. All steps of the production are done under one roof which ensures a precise quality control of the process. Just in 2011, we have participated in printing almost 1,200 titles and produced 150,000 books.

On two floors of our headquarters, you can find the entire administrative staff, proofreaders, designers, illustrators as well as the complete Production from printing and lamination to binding machones and a room for specialized hand-production of specific books, hardcovers and other products such as folders, CD/DVD bpxes, etc.

We are practically unbeatable in BaW paperbacks in runs to 500 copies, in some instances even up to 2,000 copies. Our facilities for hardcover production are suitable for up to 300 copies, larger amounts are done in cooperation with our partners. was established in early 2007 with the ambition to become a major provider of printing services for other publishing houses and to fill the gaps in the production schedule by our own titles, particularly fiction and works of young Authors. Gradually, by investing large amounts of money, we have reached a point where all the machines used for the production process are at least duplicated by a machine from another supplier so that any problem can be quickly resolved by using other machines.

Thanks to huge amounts of produced books, we can afford to maintains prices which are on the verge of costs of smaller companies and in addition to that, we can guarantee higher quality and a wider spactrum of services. For example, our common paper stock (10 types for covers, 11 types for inner pages) is in the order of magnitude of several tons.

Other products

  • cd and dvd
  • business cards
  • posters
  • simple document folders
  • and more...

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