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V1 "excercisebook" binding — brochures, manuals

At V1 binding, the sheets of paper are inserted into the cover and stapled. According to book binding guidelines ON 88 3750, the allowed page count for V1 binding for a book with 80gsm paper is 88 pages. After stapling, the booklet is collated from three sides. Librix recommends this type of binding for books with less than 48 pages.

V2 "paperback" binding

Individual sheets glued in the spine are planted into the (usually laminated) cover with four scores and then collated. This is a universal and probably most widely used type of binding suitable for almost any purpose. We recommend it for books with 50 and more pages. As this binding is very durable and we are confident in quality of our binding, we provide 2 years guarantee for the binding.

Hardcover binding

The glued inside of the book is connected to the hard cover using end leafs.

Hardcover binding — saddle stitched by hand

It is the "luxury" type of hardcover binding. The book is printed on sheets which are then (typically 8 sheets so 16 pages) manually saddle stitched and only these blocks are then glued together and into the hard covers. The greatest advantage of this type of binding is that the book tends less to closing itself.

Paperback binding — saddle stitched by hand

Similarly to the previous type, groups of sheets are manually saddle-stitched and only these blocks are then glued together as in the case of V2 paperback binding.

Spiral binding (metallic or plastic)

Spiral binding makes an attractive document from loose sheets. Its advantage is possibility of rotating leafs by 360°. It is suitable for preparing any company documents, Thesis, etc.

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