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We can make books for you in A4 or any smaller custom format.

For A4/A5 books, there are two ways of printing and subsequently two types of quotes. If you do not require exact A4/A5, please choose the "trimmed" formats for favourable quotes. This means that the books will be printed on standard A4 papers (in case of A5 two identical A5 pages on one A4 page) and only after the book is bound together, the whole book will be collated - and therefore about 3mm smaller than the standard format from each side.

If you require exact A4/A5 books, this is of course possible as well - choose the "standard" A4/A5 formats for getting the quote, please.

For getting the quote for custom formats, please set the format in calculator as the closest larger format. When in doubt, contact us at

We offer as a standard 11 types of paper for printing the inside pages offering a wide scale of options suited for your needs - depending whether you place the emphasis on value or on luxury appearance:

  • 80g, 90g - standard papers, suitable for all types of publication, especially suitable for all scientific publications for its whiteness and low price (especially 80g). The opacity of both these papers is very similar.
  • 100g, 120g Xerox Colotech - special papers for colour laser printing, extreme white colour and a good opacity
  • 120g, 140g satin - chosen semi-glossy papers, not as white as the XEROX Colortech (slightly more yellowish) but more glossy. High opacity
  • Old Style- very popular paper for literature, with creamy colour and a "thicker" feel and look. Due to the creamy colour, the eyes are not tiring so easily. The "thicker" feel is caused by the fact that this paper is more porous and therefore a book printed on this paper looks almost 50% thicker than when printed on the standard 80g paper. Relatively high opacity is determined by both high thickness and creamy colour.
  • Recycled, Recycled+ - if you are "green", this is the only solution for you. This paper has a stronger creamy colour than the old style paper.
  • Colour papers - we recommend their use just for separating chapters. We can send you a colour palette at request. We recommend lighter tones to preserve easy readability of print.
  • Tracing papers - semitransparent, itended for artistic efects and for separating book parts


Other products

  • cd and dvd
  • business cards
  • posters
  • simple document folders
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