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Illustrations for your book

Illustrations and Illustrators

With Librix, you can always get extra services. One of those is providing your book with illustrations. The price of the artwork is really favourable - only 5 Euro per illustration plus one copy of the book for the illustrator. This price includes not only creating the artwork but its digitalization as well.

What do you have to do to get the illustrations for your book? Just choose an illustrator from the gallery below which includes selection of the illustrators' work and contact us at with the description of required illustrations and illustrator's name. If the ilustrator agrees, we will take care of everything else and provide you with the illustrations in due time (alternatively, we can of course take care of the typesetting as well).
5 Euro per illustration - that's really something extra!



Katarína Sojková

ilustrace librix ilustrace librix ilustrace librix


Eva Jaroňová

osobní stránky
ilustrace librix ilustrace librix ilustrace librix ilustrace librix ilustrace librix ilustrace librix


Kantorová Pavla

další ukázka práce
ilustrace librix ilustrace librix ilustrace librix
ilustrace librix ilustrace librix ilustrace librix


Vladimír Ben Beneš
ilustrace librix ilustrace librix ilustrace librix


Sonia Pesková
ilustrace librixilustrace librixilustrace librixilustrace librix

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